1 Sentence You Need To Read Before The Holidays

1 Sentence You Need To Read Before The Holidays

I don’t know who needs this but I’ve seen a few startups fail from founder burnout. I haven’t seen any startups fail because a founder took a couple of days off.

I love this advice from Alex Friedman (which is technically TWO sentences, you fact-checking, math geniuses!).

Wrap up the year, close the deal, get through key emails…and then close your laptop.

It is harder to take time off.

It takes more discipline, confidence, and focus to NOT work than to default to grind mode.

The difference between the elite and amateurs in triathlon (or any high level sport)?

How they handle the off-days.

Someone who is taking their rest seriously? Feet on the couch? Massage? Naps? Clearly a pro.

Someone who is sneaking in extra miles or saying, “I just can’t take time off” like a humble brag? Amateur hour.

Trust the process. Trust yourself.

I know you can do it!

Have an amazing holiday, pour into your loved ones, and can’t wait to hear how hard you relaxed.

See y’all in 2024 ready to DESTROMINATE!!!!!!!