Hello, I'm Kathryn O'Day. I believe

we can build 10 female-founded

unicorns in the next 10 years

in the Southeast!

based in
Atlanta, GA

I am passionate
about helping

kathryn family

I am a partner at Atlanta Ventures, mom of 2 boys, spouse of 9 years, and a washed up endurance athlete ;)

I scaled multiple Atlanta tech companies, as a customer success leader and COO, with exits to large public tech companies.

I’ve been a team of 1, led a team of 50, built a department from scratch, seen customer growth from 80 to 2000, managed a F500 acquisition, and hired and trained 100s of people.

I also did 7 Ironmans with multiple World Championships along the way.

I love startups and my passion is helping entrepreneurs, especially women.



Entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful forces for good in the world. It creates something from nothing that lifts up people, solves problems, and furthers economic well-being.


in mind

Company values matter. They attract talent, they help you go faster, and they foster a place that inspires pride and well-being. Treating people well pays for itself 10x over.


and efficiency

Organization and productivity is never one size fits all. The right system varies based on your personality, job, company culture, tech stack, daily workflow, and more.

Customer Success


Every business begins and ends with the customer. Never underestimate the power of an empathetic, polite, well-run Customer Success team. It will fuel referrals, earn long term goodwill, and sustain you through scaling challenges.

Atlanta Ventures

Empowering entrepreneurs to start, grow,
and learn. We co-found companies in our venture studio and invest in early stage subscription tech.

Atlanta Tech Village

The nation's 4th largest tech hub with 300 companies and 1200 members. Flexible, startup-friendly office space with community and events for founders.


Spearheading a network of high-achieving entrepreneurs worldwide, fostering ambition, accelerated growth, and a spirit of giving back.

Female Founders Initiative

A 4-week virtual program for female-led entrepreneurial teams to engage with an all-female coaching team and successful female entrepreneurs.


A conference about the power of women and girls to be creators and change-makers. See the ideas worth sharing from Atlanta women.


Supporting and inspiring women leaders, builders, and influencers of the Atlanta startup community.

Connect at a monthly meetup or book club.

South Downtown Atlanta

Revitalizing the largest collection of historical real estate assets in ATL—53 buildings & 6 acres of parking lots in Atlanta's South Downtown neighborhood.


6 Ways Startups Can Build a Winning Sales Team

I got a fantastic question during my presentation at Atlanta Tech Week. How do you scale a sales team? What are the steps or best practices to build out an early sales team? What are the stages?

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The O'Daily is OOO -- And You Should Be Too!

The O’Daily is OOO this week. Spending time with family, in nature, making memories, recharging. If you haven’t taken time off in a while, this is your reminder. Time away is as powerful as grinding it out.

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The Truth About Fundraising In The Summer (Plus 5 Strategies!)

It’s common lore in the venture world that summertime is slow and quiet. Here's the truth...

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Atlanta Ventures

Atlanta Ventures shares weekly advice to help startups with finding authentic demand, fundraising, hiring, and more.

Atlanta Ventures Tools

Tools to validate and launch your new business idea with confidence.

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Atlanta Tech Village

The nation's 4th largest tech hub with events, mentors, education, and special offers for founders.

Presentations and Templates

Some of my best founder, customer success, and productivity resources.

Books I Love

Check out what the best CEOs, investors, innovators, and global leaders are reading and why.

Podcasts I Enjoy

A fantastic and fun way to learn and keep up with tech news.

Have other resources? Let me know!
Office Hours with Atlanta Ventres

connect with Atlanta Ventures Partners who are ready to answer all questions about vetting your idea, getting your first customers, scaling up, fundraising, etc.

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Atlanta Startup Convos Meetup

2-4 entrepreneurs share a story about how they started, how they are monetizing, and how they are growing today.

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Healthcare Entrepreneur Meetup

Our vision is to make Atlanta the premier destination to start and grow a HealthIT business.

Women + Tech

The Women + Tech Program was created for and by women to support and inspire leaders, builders, and influencers of the Atlanta startup community.

Venture Atlanta

The top venture conference in the Southeast with its biggest year yet.

Join me and thousands of investors and founders at the Woodruff Arts Center this fall.

Reach out if you will be there!

I blog every week on Substack, I love connecting with founders on LinkedIn, and catch the behind the scenes @Kathryn!