My 4 Favorite Podcasts (+ Honorable Mentions)

My 4 Favorite Podcasts (+ Honorable Mentions)

If I’m cleaning, cooking, commuting, or getting ready for work, I’m listening to a podcast. (And you probably are too!)

Podcasts are an amazing resource for learning. When they’re done well, it’s education in an entertaining, thought-provoking way.

Here are my top 4 favorite podcasts plus some great “honorable mentions.”

What are your favorites???? (Share in the comments!)

My 4 Favorite Podcasts

1. All In Podcast

Jason Calacanis hosts David Sacks, David Friedberg, Chamath Palihapitiya each week in my favorite podcast in the VC and investing space!

Funny, irreverent, thought-provoking,  with a fresh take on popular news stories and industry insider perspectives.

It’s my #1 pick for How To Think Like a VC. I listen (or watch) every week.

2. Five and Thrive

Five minutes of tech and innovation news out of the Southeast, hosted by my awesome colleague Jon Birdsong.

Highest value per minute of any pod out there. I never miss.

3. Huberman Lab

LOVE LOVE LOVE this science-based health and performance podcast. Dr. Andrew Huberman, Stanford professor and neuroscientist, shares the best science in an approachable way and interviews amazing guests — leading researchers, doctors, and scientists in their field.

It’s nerdy, it’s actionable, and I’ve implemented several new habits based on the science. (Hellooooo, morning sunlight.)

4. Plain English

My husband introduced me to Derek Thompson’s writing during the pandemic.

His podcast, Plain English, deep dives into current stories and social trends, seeking truth and nuance over hyberbole or validating the common story line.

He’s highly intelligent, funny, self-aware, and deeply curious. Plain English + Morning Brew (daily newsletter) are my first stops for general news.

Honorable Mentions

I love these too!

And THAT’S five minutes…

(Name the pod!)


What podcast should I check out or add to the list? What’s your favorite podcast?