10 Free & Low-Cost Resources for Women Founders (ATL & Beyond)

10 Free & Low-Cost Resources for Women Founders (ATL & Beyond)

I love sharing resources for founders!

A few examples:

(You can blame “Input” — one of my Gallup Strengths. #sorrynotsorry)

And you know what else I love?
Supporting women!

I am passionate about all women leading fulfilling lives — whatever that is for them!

On this blog, I’ve spent time encouraging women to think big, encouraging men to support them, and sharing the insider info on how the biggest companies start and scale. (It is a startup blog after all. 😉)

A few examples:

Today, we combine the two!

Here are 10 resources for women founders who are getting started, looking for community, raising money, or scaling to the next stage!

1. Growing Women Entrepreneur Network (gWen) 

  • The Southeast's leading community for female founders

  • A 501c3 “helping women build big-a$$ companies” with events, Slack channel, community, newsletter

  • HQ: Charlotte

2. Women + Tech Monthly Meetup

  • In-person, monthly gathering for women in tech at Atlanta Tech Village

  • A great place to network, get actionable tips and inspiration, and find a co-founder or your next hire.

3. Female Founders Initiative

  • Led by Melissa Heffner, head of VentureLab at Georgia Tech

  • Open to all women founders, no GaTech affiliation needed, fully virtual

  • 2 cohorts per year with weekly programming, community, mentorship

  • More STEM founders than other programs (great option if you’re STEM) but it’s not required

4. All Raise

  • Great online resources, data, masterclasses, content plus an annual conference

  • Largest global organization supporting women founders, investors, board members in tech

  • No ATL chapter that I know of (lmk if you start one!)

5. Startup Summer School

  • Tuesdays during the summer at Atlanta Tech Village

  • *FREE* and open to ALL!

  • Great intro series for anyone thinking about a startup but not sure where to begin

  • I’ll be presenting on Tues, June 11, 2024 — Intro To Startups! Registration opening soon. Check here or LinkedIn.

6. It Takes A Village 

  • Pre-accelerator for underrepresented founders at Atlanta Tech Village

  • 2 cohorts per year with weekly programming, mentorship, and a graduation demo day with prizes (like non-dilutive funding and free office space)

7. Tech AF

  • For underrepresented founders who want to build tech but “don’t know how to code” (or where to start!)

  • At-your-own-pace curriculum from Kristin Slink, a 4x non-technical software founder, who is brilliant at customer discovery that leads to revenue

8. First Pitch Friday

9. WISE - Women Investors in the Southeast

  • A database of women investors in the Southeast

  • Find someone “like you” at your stage and industry

10. Startup Runway

  • Connecting women founders and founders of color to their first investors

  • Includes mentorship and fundraising prep, showcase event, investor intros

  • 33% of presenters go on to raise significant funding

  • 501c3 organization spearheaded by Valor Ventures

  • 25th showcase event is on May 30, 2024!

**Bonus: The Lola + Rising Tide

While not *officially* tech resources…these are wonderful!

The Lola is an amazing co-working and community for women in Atlanta (I’m a member).

Rising Tide prodcast from Margaret Weniger shares inspirational and insightful stories of women in leadership (we chatted in this episode).

What other resources should we add to the list? If you’re a woman founder, what programs, events, communities, or content has been most helpful to you? I’d love to hear in the comments below! 👇👇