3 Amazing Sales Leaders To Learn From

3 Amazing Sales Leaders To Learn From

Last week, we shared 5 great books to hone your sales skills.

This week — it’s humans!

Sales is wildly important to startup success.

But not every founder has a sales background.

That’s okay!

Sales - like everything - can be learned and improved.

Here are 3 sales leaders (Atlanta-based, Y’ALL) with a fantastic track record for helping entrepreneurs hone their sales processes, skills, and mental game.

Dive into their content and expertise!

1. Morgan Ingram

Prospecting and sales outreach specialist. B2B thought leadership whiz.

Why Morgan?

Every sales interaction starts with outreach. Nail this first (and sometimes hardest) step to unlock customer deals and investor meetings!

Morgan is funny, clear, relatable, and specific. His social media posts are a clinic on thought leadership.

2. Margaret Weniger

Seasoned sales leader helping female founders build sales foundations that scale.  

Why Margaret?

Many founders have great instincts but lack official sales training. Pipeline reviews, strategy sessions, or deal-specific advice can make all the difference.

Margaret’s super power is seeing what makes someone great and leveraging it — no sales cookie cutters here. She gets rave reviews from founders!

3. Mo Bunnell

Business development skills for busy, non-sales professionals — e.g. partners at law firm (or startup founders!)

Why Mo?

Mo is positive, approachable, and fun with decades of sales experience (and wins!).

He is specific and actionable on how to build relationships, ask for business, move deals forward, plan your year, run a meeting, write emails, track metrics...all in the context of having a “day job” outside of selling.

What other sales leaders share great content or help you learn??