5 Resources to Help You Nail Your Pitch

5 Resources to Help You Nail Your Pitch

A pitch deck is like your dating profile.

You want it to highlight the positives, show why you’re a winner, and be visually pleasing. All without overselling, which would damage relationship trust before it starts.

And the pitch meeting itself is a first date.

There was enough alignment and intrigue on both sides to be worth a meeting.

You want to see how the real humans hold up compared to the digital story.

Could this be a fit?

There’s still a lot to learn about each other, you expect some of the shine to wear off, but if there’s no red flags or misalignments on timing, goals, key milestones, stage on either side, both sides will proceed with optimism and caution!

Sounds so easy when I put it like that. LOLOLOLOL.

Anyone who has put together a pitch deck, presentation, resume (or dating profile? 😂), knows that it’s 100x harder than it looks. The ones that look “effortless” are likely the result of hours and hours of agonizing.

What’s relevant, how to tell the story, how to customize, what the audience cares about, the data to include…oh and now cut it down by 50% and simplify everything!

If this is resonating…I hear you and I want to help.

Here are 5 great resources to help you with your pitch — the deck, the speaking, the story — all of it!

1. Pitch Practice

  • Weekly at the Atlanta Tech Village (ATV) — 9 years running!

  • Led by Jacey Cadet who excels at storytelling, design, and friendly feedback

  • If you’re a member at the ATV, you also have access to Mentors & Advisors who will bring their unique expertise (marketing, pitching, sales) to a 1:1 meeting.

2. First Pitch Friday

  • Monthly event for female founders (May - August) & student founders (September - April)

  • Live pitch experience and on-the-spot feedback from VC investors

  • Led by Allyson Eman and Christy Brown

3. Dedicated Coach

Here are 3 that I know personally and come highly recommended from founders to help with your pitch, fundraising process, and sales strategies!

4. The O’Daily 😉

Yep, we’ve talked about how to pitch (with more to come)!

I also love Dave Payne’s advice and Step-by-Step Fundraising Tactics from the NYC Legend Who Raised $750M from First Round Review.

The Atlanta Ventures blog is also a wealth of pitch info!

5. Feedback Fridays

What are your favorite pitch resources? They can be blogs, templates, tools, events, or humans!