6 Startup Blogs That Will Teach You More Than a Degree

6 Startup Blogs That Will Teach You More Than a Degree

Continuous learning is key for startup success.

As Kyle Porter, CEO and founder of unicorn startup Salesloft says, you have to learn faster than your startup is growing.

Learning can take many forms: coaching, peer groups, podcasts, books, school, YouTube, and…one of my personal favorites for obvious reasons…BLOGS!

I already shared 3 incredible SaaS blogs.

But what about the millions of non-SaaS startups?

Yes, there’s great resources for marketplaces, consumer apps, web3, general scaling, product building, and everything in between.

Here are 6 of the best startup-focused blogs guaranteed to provide takeaways that you can use at your company today!

1. Lenny Rachitsky

📖: Lenny’s Newsletter (Substack)

  • Product leader at Airbnb with “deeply researched growth, product, career advice”

  • Real data and how-tos from “the early days” of successful companies — one of the most helpful resources for marketplaces especially!


2. Fred Wilson

📖: AVC.com (classics), AVC.xyz (current)

  • Partner at Union Square Ventures “investing at the edge

  • Thoughtful, concise writings on web3, climate, NYC, and other tech trends


3. Molly Graham

📖: Lessons (Substack)

  • COO/Head of Ops at high profile startups like Quip, Lambda School, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and Facebook

  • Practical, strategic guidance on how to scale especially people and ops


4. First Round Capital

📖: First Round Review

  • First Round is a VC firm known for their helpful content!

  • Comprehensive, actionable content across every topic for early stage founders


5. Mario Gabriele

📖: The Generalist (Substack)

  • Best “deep dives” on founders and well-known startups

  • Get a thoughtful entrepreneur biography in 15 minutes instead of 15 hours!


6. Andrew Chen

📖: andrewchen.com (classics), Substack (current)

  • Partner at a16z “at the intersection of games + tech”

  • Great insights and specifics on consumer products and apps


Other favorite blogs? What resources have been most helpful to you? What’s a newsletter that you read every time it hits your inbox??