Build-A-Tech-Company Starter Pack

Build-A-Tech-Company Starter Pack

So you’re thinking about starting a tech company - AWESOME!!!!

Where the heck do you begin?

Spoiler alert — it’s not “find a CTO.”

Yes, you need engineers for a tech company!

But there are many steps to take before a single line of code is written.

Find a market. Validate the idea. Get customers to sign up.

Here are the top 5 resources and ideas I share with ambitious entrepreneurs who want to start a tech company!

1. Read The Mom Test 📖

  • Learn how to do simple, accurate customer discovery
  • Find real pain. Avoid leading questions!

2. Pick a BIG MARKET 🚀

3. Look for Authentic Demand

  • Where are you being pulled?
  • What problems will people pay you (right now) to solve?

4. Implement a Minimum Viable Testing Process 🧪

  • Figure out what must be true for your idea to work
  • Test the smallest, most specific part of that idea

5. Explore Language Market Fit

  • Another no-cost way to figure out what resonates with future customers
  • Skip the branding agency; DIY with a slide deck over Zoom or coffee

When do I build tech???

It feels slow to do thorough discovery and testing.

Especially when you are driven and love to go FAST (aka every entrepreneur).

Similar to endurance sports, a strong base is key for speed in the long run.

Go slow to go fast. Start small to build big. First-to-market (or first off the start line) isn’t necessary to win.


What does it actually look like to test ideas?

Next week, I’ll share specific strategies used at Atlanta Ventures to launch businesses without building tech!


What are other helpful resources to get started on a new business idea?? ⬇️