Prioritize Yourself Out Of Chaos With A Simple Spreadsheet...Here's How

Prioritize Yourself Out Of Chaos With A Simple Spreadsheet...Here's How

Overwhelmed by startup life?

See problems everywhere but aren’t sure where to start?

Have 100 ideas but no bandwidth to implement them?

There’s an easy way to bring clarity, focus, and calm to your brain and to-do list.

I’ve used it with CEOs, teams, individuals, and on myself!

It works for startups, corporations, and personal lives.

Behold the magic of a Priority Spreadsheet…

Block off 20 minutes, use THIS TEMPLATE, and follow the 6 steps below.

Clarity is yours, my friend.

6 Steps To Take You From Chaos To Calm

1. Make a list of all-the-things!

  • Projects
  • Ideas
  • Anything taking up headspace or stressing you out

Bucket items into categories like Sales, Marketing, Product for more structure.

2. Identify the likely outcome.

  • What’s the goal of each project or idea?
  • What’s the expected ROI?

#PROTIP: Use dollars, numbers, or percentages. Getting specific and quantitative will clarify your hypothesis. Evaluate results later from this baseline.

3. Estimate hours and budget.

  • Is it 3, 30, or 300 hours?
  • How much $ will it take?
  • Ballpark or ranges are fine.

Double your times and dollars. As we talked about with
calendar blocks, we are way too optimistic. 🤪

4. Think about execution.

Conserving cash? Propose a barter of your expertise for someone else’s.

5. Prioritize.

  • Think about your big picture goals.
  • Mark items as High, Medium, Low. (Optional: Not Now, Never)
  • Stack rank from most important to least. Keep in mind impact and effort.
  • Reminder: if everything is a priority, nothing is!!  

Eisenhower Matrix is a great prioritization framework. Read more

6. Get started!

  • Take action starting at the top.
  • Sleep better at night.
  • Take over the world!

Turn this into a project management tool. Add a “Status” column and set up a weekly meeting or Slack check-in to review progress.

Harnessing Your Superpower

Being a creative, problem-solving entrepreneur is a great thing!

Being overwhelmed or distracted by too many ideas or projects can hinder your greatness.

Finding a simple way to channel your mega brain into prioritized actions will serve you now and for years to come.

Clarity and focus is just a spreadsheet away. 🚀

What strategies work for you to manage lots of ideas? How do you prioritize when you have too much to do?